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Abby's Health & Nutrition Health Tips
Perk up with desk yoga
If you feel drowsy at your computer, don’t grab another cup of coffee. Instead, try some stress-busting desk yoga. If you feel tension in the back of your neck, breathe deeply and do some gentle stretches. Raise your shoulders up to your ears and hold. Then drop them right down and release your breath.

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Kauai Organic Farms

Farm Fresh Partner, Kauai Organic Farms

Help Your Child Get a Good Night's Sleep
School-age children need adequate sleep for peak performance.
Whistle … and Walk … While You Work
If you have to sit almost all day while you work, take a short walk whenever you can.
Hospitals Doing Better Job of Promoting Breast-feeding: CDC
U.S. hospitals have made significant improvements to breast-feeding support programs in recent years, providing better help to new mothers, federal health officials reported Tuesday.
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